Funding Opportunities

The Groundwork for Funding

We believe keeping equity at the heart of our work will lead Coloradans to better health. While there are countless drivers of health, racial injustice is the leading driver of health inequity for communities of color living on low income. That’s why we prioritize Coloradans of color and address the deepest, most historically entrenched inequities that affect health based on a person’s socioeconomic status, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, country of origin and religion. 

Our work, and that which we expect of our partners, is rooted in three cornerstones:

  • Serve Coloradans who have less power, privilege and income, and prioritize Coloradans of color;
  • Do everything with the intention to create health equity; and
  • Be informed by the community and those we exist to serve.

Funding Types

All applications for Invitation-Only Funding, Funding Opportunities and Rolling Funding must meet detailed criteria, outlined in the links below. 

The Foundation also invests in communities through impact investments and sponsorships.

Our Housing Affordability strategy provides funding to advance housing justice across the state, though funding is by invitation only. We are interested in exploring projects that have:

1) Foundation for community-driven/community-led actions;

2) Projects that maintain or promote enduring housing stability; and

3) Projects that explicitly advance racial justice and health equity.

Timing Considerations:

  • Grant Requests: The timeline for grant project exploration within this domain ranges from three to six months to receive a decision.
  • Impact Investing Partnership Requests: Includes low-interest loans, non-cash loan guarantees, and other flexible forms of capital to support innovative and/or proof of concept projects that meet the Foundation’s core affordable housing programmatic goals. The partnership development phase varies in timeline while the underwriting phase usually take 8-12 weeks once initiated.

Connecting with the Colorado Health Foundation Housing Strategy Team:

If you have a housing project you feel meets these criteria, please reach out:

We accept applications for our Rolling Funding on a rolling basis. There is no deadline associated with the following:

Before You Apply

We encourage you to follow these key steps before submitting an application:

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